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contact us by Email with any questions
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Email Contacts:
Contact Peggy regarding your Pot Luck Food: pegs4627@yahoo.com
Contact Steve regarding Family Entertainment: ssawyer@anwsu.org
Tiff: ziffty@yahoo.com
Gail: gcmerhi@sover.net
Lisa: LisaLabnon@aol.com OR

Check Out last year's 2009 Slide Shows!

Part 1

Part 2

These our casual photos of cousins arriving,
the Friday night Pot Luck and
the Saturday noon picnic in 2009!

Hey, Yeah, Well Alright! Check Out Bob Labnon's Birthday Party!

CLICK HERE To Revisit the 2008 Reunion Pictures:
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Coming Soon; The Richard Shadyac Memorial Page. I am hoping for your help to collect photos of Dick and family along with stories, accolades and anecdotes from the many families, friends and cousins who have attended for all these years and were touched by Dick, Julie and his family!

We are also putting together Pages of Celebrations to “Celebrate New Arrivals, New Unions, Kids Accomplishments and Celebrate the Lives of Those Who Have Passed On.”

Please E-mail Lisa with pictures, stories and articles to help with these tributes to the founding father of the Blouza Reunion, new members and to those who have supported and loved our reunion!

E-mail LISA!DesignedByLisa1@aol.com BLOUZA TRIBUTES

Give a shout out to our Australian Blouza Cousins “Down Under”! Click here to visit the Australian Blouza Association Main Page at www.Blouza.com

See You All Soon for Blouza USA VT 2010!!!

This Web page has been written and created for the Lebanese Blouza USA Convention/Family Reunion,
Complements of and Designed By: Lisa! for Reunion 2010!

Created May 2006
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